Česká verze


Price for a skype lesson is 20€/45 minutes. Consulting sessions price depends on the type and time intensity of actual job.

Special Offer:
10% discount if you pay for 10 lesson package in advance.
5€ per lesson discount if you order 50 lessons package.

All payments can also be done in US dollars or CZK when the price is based on the current exchange rates.

Technical requirements

To start with Czech language course you will need a Skype connection and standard headset with earphones and microphone. Skype is a free telephone method over Internet so there are no extra cost except for the lesson. You can download Skype from skype.com. Follow the instructions and install the program. In case you have some trouble to setup the skype connection we will assist you to resolve basic technical problems. You can also try to contact Skype support center.

Sign up

If you are interested in learning Czech via Skype, please, fill the following sign up form. After you complete sign-up process we will send you a confirmation email with timetable to arrange your free trial lesson. If your language level is above beginner you will also receive an entrance test. The result of this test will help us to tailor the first lesson accordingly.

About Czech language course

During your online lesson you and your tutor will be using exactly the same textbook which guarantees steady and good learning progress. Thanks to Skype video you can communicate with your tutor like in normal class.

Your tutor will also provide support and additional learning materials via GoogleDoc which will be prepared according to your needs. For notes exchanging you can use either Skype chat feature or GoogleDoc. Information with all instructions will be sent to you by email before the first lesson.

About Czech teacher

Pavla Borilova graduated from Charles University in Prague. She completed her studies in Czech language and Literature and French. She has applied herself to teaching of Czech as a foreign language since 2000. She is the co-author of the textbook Česky krok za krokem 2 (Czech Step by Step 2/Tschechisch Schritt für Schritt 2/ Чешский шаг за шагом 2) and Čeština expres. She speaks Czech, English and French.